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With proper data profiling, companies are able to dramatically reduce the cost of storing information. The process ensures that redundant data copies are identified and eliminated from the database. The challenge with data quality is that there are no clear and simple formulas for determining if data is correct. Like a pond without a freshwater source, data can become stagnant quickly. Data that is correct today, might not be correct in a month. Fortunately, at Value prospect we apply some fundamental techniques and approaches that can be broadly applied when validating data quality. The general theme of data quality is around finding outliers that do not meet specific requirements and record sets that violate business assumptions.


Our staff is primarily employed on a full time basis and are fluent in English speaking; moreover, we also employ specialist staff who target particular ethnic groups and countries. This allows us the flexibility to work with companies that have a requirement to contact and manage relationships in particular languages. When language based localization is done correctly, users will feel that the product was produced for their language, culture, and needs. you could lose a whole lot if you don’t carefully plan for your target market. We at VPC provide with a wide variety of language specific data.

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Smart Data | Data Procurement | Database Cleansing And Verification | Top ranking Data List | Deep Dive Data Profiling | Named Account Profiling | Account Based Marketing | Install Base Data List | Competition Attack Data List | Consumer Insight Data List

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Smart Leads | Appointment Setting | Marketing Qualified Leads | Sales Ready Leads | MQL to SQL (BANT Qualification) | B2B IT Product and service leads | Global B2B Cold Callings | language Specific Demand Generation | Automated Cold Callings | Closed Loop Lead Genaration

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Seminar Solutions | Webinar Solutions | Event Marketing | Event Onboard Campaign | Event Desk Support Services | Event MQL to SQL Conversion | Event Response Management | End to End Attendee Management

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Tele Engine | Email Marketing | Direct Mailer | Feet On Street | Seller/Merchant On Boarding | Activation Campaigns | CATI Surveys | QR & NFC Driven Campaigns | Response/Feedback Management | Chat Support Service | Chat Support Service | Sales Enablement | Experimential Marketing

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Steps Involved Steps Involved In Deep Dive Data Profiling

4 Steps for processing data profiling


Discover wheather data is suitable for analysis or not.


Identify correct data quality issues before start to look forward into target database.

Quality Identification

Data quality issues will be corrected while moving source to target data.

Identify Rules

Identify rules and hierarchical structuresand key relationshipthrough etl process.

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