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Everyone in the entire value chain of equipment manufacturing business can now gain a deeper insight into their customers, launch more profitable marketing initiatives and make smarter business decision. It does not matter whether you’re an software leader, automotive manufacturer or a financial institution you can get benefited from our solutions.
We can help you get ahead of your competition by making you reach the prospective customers much faster than your competition. Our promotional channel, industry specific database and lists reach out to your prospective buyers through communication channels such as email, phone and direct mail

We’ve been providing exceptional services to Fortune 500 Industry leaders and some emerging companies who happen to be OEM’s with Database and Direct Marketing services in the value chain. We can help you refocus your efforts to align with a new economy and a new landscape for your respective industry.

Value Prospect Direct manages and maintains a huge profiled database. Our clients have benefited immensely with our accurate and exhaustive database marketing services. e-DM BLAST and CAMPAIGN TRACKING services to do things right. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable company, our solution guarantees fast and smooth delivery of your email campaign. Value Prospects Direct gives you an opportunity to integrate your CRM activity with ours ever growing list of companies and contacts relevant to your products.