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If you could be at every one of your store, restaurant, supermarket, bank, or theatre locations, you know things would be done right. But you can′t. And mistakes are costly.
Mystery Shopping, also referred to as Secret Shopping, gives you objective insight into exactly how your business is presenting itself to your customers.

    » On-site branding and operational compliance.
    » Staff appearance, friendliness and engagement.
    » Sales force effectiveness.
    » Wait and service time.
    » Overall quality of product or service.
    » Cleanliness and general appearance of location-both interior and exterior.
    » Product/service selection and availability.
    » Cleanliness, functionality and stock condition of restrooms.
    » Up-selling of additional products and services.
    » Customer thank you and invitation to return.
    » Overall on-site customer experience.
    » Just about anything that is important in your many locations.

    » Improved operational performance to maximize the customer experience, sales and profitability.
    » Better brand compliance and performance, differentiating your brand promise to customers.
    » Identified areas where new procedures and/or additional training can improve your bottom line.
    » An understanding in real time of top and bottom performing stores.
    » Desired employee behaviors reinforced by rewarding store managers and personnel who deliver an outstanding guest experience.