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Value Prospect offers you the database of key business and information technology executives and professionals across different verticals throughout Asia Pacific region markets.

Track Down the Competition- Analysis of How, To whom & Trough which Channel Your competitors are Selling

Drill Down the POS, Wallet Share & other such key facts which would help you to strengthen your Marketing & Sales Strategies

Value Prospect, provides consistent channel engagement to help you manage and develop all your partners-big and small. Designed with the needs of the channel partner in mind, especially those with just a few sales staff, and even fewer (or no) dedicated marketing staff.

Channel Tracking is uniquely friendly to your channel partners. It covers more of the marketing and support processes than any other system. And it′s built around the needs of the channel, with a demonstrable independence that your channel partners can trust, to ensure your partners engage willingly and effectively.

Value Prospect Covers:

      » Competitor Profiling
      » Manufacturing
      » How they Sell
      » Product
      » Consumer Mix
      » Channel Partners*
      » Channel Intelligence