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Get to know your prospects

Value Prospect's business intelligence services help our customers identify the right contacts at the right accounts. We focus on helping you get the information you need to determine which accounts represent your best opportunities. And then we extend the value by identifying the right contacts at these accounts.

Our unique survey methods incorporate both online and phone research to get your valuable field sales team the information they need to be successful. Value Prospect can provide information about your target accounts that simply cannot be found anywhere else. And we back up our research with a pay for performance pricing model, and Value Prospect's 100% contact accuracy guarantee.

Business Intelligence solutions include:

  • Value Prospect's Contact Discovery- Let us build out a custom contact database based on your exact ″best prospect″ using any criteria you desire. We can either work from your supplied account list, or help you develop a list of target accounts. You then define the right decision makers within each prospect account by job title description, role, or area of responsibility. We identify the target contacts, phone verify all information and deliver an unlimited use contact database, backed by Value Prospect's 100% contact accuracy guarantee.
  • Value Prospect's Account Profiling- Don′t waste time on prospects that are a bad fit for your product. We use both online and telephone research to identify important information about your target accounts. You can either provide a list of accounts or we can help you build out the right target account list. Then we work with you to identify the key data elements you need to determine if the account is a suitable target for you. We use multiple research techniques, including voice surveys, to identify the required information. And then we deliver complete information on each account in any format you desire.