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Are you looking for customer acquisitions? Improve your TOP LINE by our Data Acquisition Solutions. Use Value Prospects Master List to improve your marketing performance & customer acquisition.

Global corporations, emerging companies, and consulting firms in a wide range of industries turn to Value Prospects for knowledge services and products that support their strategic decision making and day-to-day knowledge processes. Value Prospects offer them with comprehensive and validated B2B data lists of a huge database across 7 countries in the Asia Pacific region.
Value Prospect's B2B master database list offers:-

» 700K B2B contacts across Asia.

      » 500K business details across 8 Asian countries.
      » All industry segments.
      » Contacts covering all business functions and levels.

      » Validated emails campaign design & management tool.

      Our Business to Business List covers following fields:-
      » Company Profile: Name, Vertical, Location, Employees Strength, Turnove.r
      » Employee Profile:Name, Age, Designation, Job Level & Functions.
      » Address: City, State, Zip Code, Country.
      » Contact: Phone, Mobile, fax, email ids, websites.
      » IT infrastructure Account Profiling: Brands & Total Number of PC, laptops, servers, Application, CRM, ERP,
         SCM, Accounting & Financial Management Software.